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As many of my patients know, I am celebrating 20 years in my private practice in gynecology. I am so lucky to love my work and I want to share that with all of you. Every day I am honored to try to help women in some way and this work is so enjoyable to me. I would like to share some of the wonderful words of congratulations patients have sent to me recently:
“You are a physician with a gift of compassion and empathy that touches my heart. I thank you for sharing that with me. Your taking time to listen and truly care and encourage helps me.” Debbie K.
“I was grateful 20 years ago for your services and have been grateful ever since to have been your patient.” Ginny C.
“I appreciate your reassuring words. I am so glad you are my doctor.” Clara I.
“I feel that I am one of many fortunate patients to be privileged to have you as my gynecologist and professional confidant. You really are remarkable in every way. You genuinely understand and most of all listen with your heart. I wish you many more years of doing the work that you so enjoy.” Cathleen C.
“I want you to know how grateful, thankful, and humbled I am by being your patient.” Kelly S.
“I just wanted you to know that you provided the very best experience with a doctor that I have ever had. I have been raving about you and your staff to everyone I know who is in need of a new doctor. My appointment with you was by far the best appointment I have ever had with a gynecologist (or with any type of doctor for that matter) and you were the most sincere and caring doctor that I have ever seen.” Jessica C.
“Thank you for turning an appointment that I normally dread into a wonderful experience.” Susie L.
“I deeply appreciate the instrumental role you played in saving my life – you’re my hero!” Cheryl T.
Wow! I am amazed and so grateful to have such kind patients. You are my reason for doing this! If you have any comments to share, you may submit them using the contact form under the ‘Directions’ tab. Thank you!

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